Concerned Pace

This is a sad story I came across a while ago. The gist of the story is that some parents are concerned that so many cars are speeding through school zones that they essentially have to deal with the problem themselves. They are going to drive pace cars through schools zones, and these pace cars will stick to the speed limit.

It is disheartening that it has to come to this. Why can’t people just chill a little bit. Speeding through a school zone is stupid, dangerous, and won’t save any noticeable time on the commute. Try waking up 10 minutes earlier. Try taking a different route. Try relaxing. It is up to the driver to get out the door on time if there is a place you need to be at a certain time.

I know that kids and other circumstances can throw a hige wrench in to your plans, and that sometimes being late is not an option, but a school zone is no place for dangerous driving.

I think pace cars are an an ingenious solution to a rather bad problem.