Done Happened

The weekend is starting to wrap up and I am a little sad about that. It was a pretty awesome weekend actually.

Friday night was pretty quiet and Sox and I got to watch some TV we taped earlier in the week.

On Saturday I got quite a few things done on the list I made, including a bunch of recycling which needed to be done before we leave. I was able to install some more shelving downstairs in the basement, and put a away a few more things. We also got our car serviced in the morning. I then got to spend some time with my kids. We stayed home and played while Sox was at a movie (Christmas present to some family friends).

Today Sox and Sprout headed out for a bit while Beet and I played. She had a huge morning nap which allowed me to get some computing in. When Beet got up we headed to Serious Coffee for an outing. Back home Sox dropped off Sprout and headed out to walk Yoshi with KaptainK and Digger. Sprout watched a little TV while Beet had her second nap. This allowed me to make dinner and tidy a little bit.

When Sox got home we had a bit of family time, then did a quick errand. After dinner the kids went to bed without a fuss.

In retrospect nothing big nor earth-shattering happened, but it was very enjoyable. I feel like I got an excellent break from work. I feel like I got to spend some quality one on one time with each of my family members (except Yoshi). I feel like I got a lot done.