LOTD – Wagon Harness

I can remember my sister and I playing for hours with a wagon when we were young. Pushing and pulling each other around the yard, coasting down hills, loading and unloading the thing. Hours spent with it.

I wanted to get one for our kids, and the one we got is very good. Not exactly like the one I used as a child, but awesome in that it has quiet wheels! Nothing fancy, but it does have drink holders and an umbrella holder.

The other day I saw this monstrosity.

5 point harness on bucket seats? What is this supposed to be for? Cup holders are there, but so is an integrated MP3 player?

Sure this is just a concept, but kids young enough to be in a wagon do not need an MP3 player. Well, my kids certainly don’t need this. 🙂

via Gizmodo