Experience Stumped

Apparently my visit to the video store last night was a typical kiwi experience.

I borrowed the membership card to the video place and went to grab a movie. I made my selection then headed to the counter. I handed over the movie, and the card, and started getting some money out.

The clerk slid across a pin pad which I thought was odd. Then he looked at me and asked me to enter the pin. This was a bit of information that I didn’t know.

I told him I was borrowing the card. He asked me for the address, so I gave it. It was not the address that was used when the account was created (Sue’s family here has moved once). He then asked for the phone number. Didn’t know that. He then asked for Sue’s brother in law’s birthdate. Still stumped.

At this point I was getting prepared to hear him say he wouldn’t/couldn’t rent to me. Back home they wouldn’t have tried this hard at all. Don’t know the pin, too bad. He was poking around in the computer, then looks up at me and says, “I’ll enter the pin for you this time.”

I thanked him, handed over the cash, retrieved the movie and headed back to the place. He totally bent over backwards to help me rent the movie.

The movie was Hancock, and it was just so-so.