Market Fun

As I mentioned earlier today, it was smoking hot. We went to a farmers market today to get some produce and to see some more of the area. It was a gorgeous location. Ringed with trees, there was plenty of shade. There were some performers who had beautiful voices. There was lots of nice looking produce, meat, coffee, and ice creams too. It was fun to poke around, sample some of the wares, take some pictures, and people watch.

In the back there was a pond, and Elliot and I checked it out. There were lots of kids there looking in. It took me a few minutes to figure out what they were looking at. Eels. The pond had eels, and as we learned later, the rivers have eels in them too.

After the market we came home and had some lunch. We were still trying to get to Waipatiki beach, but decided to do something closer. Waipatiki had really hot sand last time they went, but this time it was hotter. We didn’t really want to chance it. While Amy napped I stayed at the house and the rest of the gang drove to Ahuriri beach again (I think).