Festival Blazing

This past weekend was the Harvest Hawke’s Bay Wine Festival. We decided to take advantage of this and visit a few of the wineries.

On Feb 7th, the first we went to was the Black Barn Winery. We explored the farm market where I bought myself a tasty pastry, the looked around the vineyard and winery. We tried a glass of their Savignon Blanc, which was superb. I should have bought a bottle but didn’t 🙁

Next up was Askerne. It was blazing hot here (35°) so we didn’t stay long. We took a horse drawn wagon ride through the vineyard, watched the band a little, and tried a sample of something that was on sale. I didn’t care for it, so we didn’t buy anything there either.

On the 8th, Sox and I were sans kids for part of the afternoon so we took advantage and visited 2 more wineries. Mission Estate was a fabulous place, and we plan to go back for dinner before we leave. They have an obvious history there, and even had a mini museum inside. We tried some white wine there, a pinot gris if I recall that didn’t sit well on my palate.

The last one we visited was Church Road. This place was right next to the road, and didn’t stand out to me in any way. I tried a white and a merlot there, but didn’t care for either. We didn’t stay long.

If was fun visiting a few of the wineries. There certainly are a lot to visit in the area.