Museum Rolling

On our last morning in Wellington we decided to visit the Te Papa museum which is a national museum. This was a gorgeous museum that I would have loved to spend a lot more time in. We saw the colossal squid, read some books in the kids area, and visited Bush City (a collection of gardens).

We then had lunch in the cafe before loading up the van. I actually got to be the guy carrying their screaming child out of the museum. Sprout was tired and had had enough. Once he screamed loud enough right next to someone (who wasn’t looking) to make them jumped. I almost laughed.

In the car we headed for home, but we took a much different route. This time we ended up in a cool gorge instead of going back over the crazy mountain pass. I got to drive this time which made me happy.

The windmill farm (windwheel as Sprout called it) was pretty cool to see too.

Nearer to home we got back into the brown rolling hills.

After close to 6 hours in the car, and another stop in Donnevirke, we arrived back in Napier. We ordered fish n chips for dinner again, and it was absolutely delicious, and every bit as good as the first time.