Imbalance Again

Also on Feb 14, I found a medical clinic in Rotorua that fixed up my ear. Dr Allyson took a quick peek, then got a nurse to syringue out my ear. Some wax had gotten dislodged and was resting on my eardrum causing a strange imbalance in my hearing. This had happened to me several times as a child, but the first time as an adult.

A nurse pumped what felt like several cups of water through my ear while Sprout watched. He was very interested in what she was doing, but didn’t say a thing. Finally she got the wax out and I could immediately tell the difference.

After getting my hearing cleared up, Sprout and I bought Sox a Valentines Day gift. After nap time for Beet, Sprout got play time at a playground right down on the lake. Dinner at Breakers again, then back to the motel for bed time.