Luge Fun

Feb 14 (Valentines Day), our destination was Skyline. We were going to take the gondola up, I was going to do a couple luge rides, then we would head back to the motel.

I didn’t mention it was 13° and raining. Still, I wanted to make sure I got at least 1 luge ride in. We ended up buying a pack of 3 luge rides since it was cheaper than buying 2.

I got my butt totally soaked, and froze on the return lift ride, but it was totally worth it. The luge ride was a blast. You sit on the little cart and follow a paved path down. Controlling the cart is easy and you can go as slow as you like. All first timers must go down the scenic loop which was lots of fun. On my second trip down I took the intermediate track. It was fun, but not as fun as the scenic loop. The intermediate is faster, but that meant you got to the bottom quicker. Sox used the third ticket to try it out.

When she returned, she convinced me Sprout would like it and that I should take him down, so I did.

Sprout had a blast and actually wanted me to go fast. At one point we caught another group of people. I pulled over and stopped to let them get ahead of us. Then we caught up to them again. Sprout started saying something so I pulled over and stopped, concerned that we were going too fast for him. He just wanted me to stop so we could catch them again 🙂

The lift ride up was fine, but I was worried he would fall. He was just sitting there on the seat with his legs crossed enjoying the view, asking me to move my arm (which I had behind him to hold on to him a little).

For his trip down he was given a couple tattoo’s. Luge Ranger, Fun Patrol. I did a terrible job putting those on.

In the cafe at the top we had coffee, tea, and snacks. Their coffee was amazing in my books.