Rapids Scope

After leaving Rotorua, we drove the Thermal Explorer Highway. I see that they name their highways like we do: with sometimes silly names. Along the way I saw lots of signs to geothermal tourist traps. There were steam vents, geysers, mud pools, etc. We were on a bit of a schedule, and didn’t want any extra stops. We were trying to get to Lake Taupo for lunch, but first a stop at the Aratiatia Rapids.

The owner of the Pohutu Lodge told Sox about this place. There is a dammed river where a few times a day they release a bunch of water turning the gentle stream into raging rapids. Our timing wasn’t perfect though and it was going to be tight on seeing the start of the show.

After we arrived we realized we had missed the start, but were going to be able to see the end. This turned out to be less spectacular than we anticipated. The raging rapids slowly returned to a gentle stream. I suspect the beginning of the show would have been interesting, but similar.

If you look closely in this last picture you can see where I took the pictures of Sox and Beet. There is a tiny looking fenced off area. This gives an idea of scope.

From the rapids it was an easy drive to Taupo where we stopped for lunch at Dixie Browns. I had an excellent Sea Food chowder with a side of garlic bread. From Taupo it was a quick an easy drive back to Napier. This was definitely the fastest and straighest sections of highway we saw in New Zealand.