Collective Experience

Sox and I had a fun weekend. Thursday Sprout went up to Nanaimo to spend the weekend with his Gramma, because the rest of us were going to Vancouver.

Saturday morning we had a brunch in Langley that fit in after Beet’s nap. We visited with a group of friends, ate good food and watched the kids play a lot.

For Saturday night Sox and I had tickets to see Collective Soul play at the River Rock casino theatre. It was nice to have the evening out just the two of us. The show was good and they played a lot of good songs. There were a few that I missed hearing. Under Heaven’s Skies is what I really wanted to hear them play, but only because that song has special meaning to me.

Sunday we visited some of Sox’s in North Van before heading to the Horseshoe Bay ferry and going to Nanaimo for dinner. After dinner we piled in the car and drove home.

The drive was not a good one though. On the parkway in Nanaimo it was snowing pretty hard. It wasn’t sticking on the road yet, but it was pretty miserable. Just South of Nanaimo it stopped snowing, but was raining very hard. Passing Mill Bay then starting the climb up the malahat, it resumes snowing. Quickly we could see accumulation on the road, halfway up the hill there must have been a couple inches on the ground, but thankfully just slush on the road that didn’t cause any problems. As the snow thickened I was getting more and more tense. Driving over a slippery road, at night, during a snowstorm is not a good experience.

At the top there was bumper to bumper traffic doing 40 KM/H all the way down to Goldstream. The drive was pretty hellish and it was great to get home.