Weekend Assembled

What a weekend! The weather wasn’t supposed to be that great, but it all seemed to work out for us. On Friday I left work early to come home and watch watch/play with kids. This allowed my mom to head back to Nanaimo and beat the Friday rush.

Saturday the sun was out, but poor Beet was under the weather. A slight fever and very lethargic, but otherwise ok. We walked down to our swimming lessons which was wonderful. The kids snacked while we got there in record time. The lessons went fine and after getting showered and dried we headed home for lunch.

Next up was a Home Depot run. As usual I could have spent a lot of money there, but I refrained. I had a list and I mostly stuck to it. We got a new light fixture for the bathroom, a new shower head, and a new garbage can to house more of the earthquake kit that is partially assembled. This can is slated for dog and cat food.

Beet napped when we got home, Sox went for a run with Yoshi, and Sprout played in the dirt with some cars. I was a little bored, so I set to work digging and making a new flower bed at the front of the house. After I got cleaned up I headed over to a friends house for an evening of poker.

Today Beet was still lethargic but her fever was gone. First thing I did was break out the weedeater and clean up the back yard. Once that was done, we all took Yoshi for a walk at Colquitz park which was awesome. The sun was out, and it was a beautiful spring day. We even went to a restaurant for lunch which was a nice treat. Back home Beet and Sox did some grocery shopping while I finished the flower bed. Sprout started off playing with cars, but soon switched to his TV fix.

Tonight we had an easy dinner and got the kids in bed at a reasonable time so we can get ready for the upcoming week.

Lots of fun, and lots of work got done. Gotta like it!