Bumped Wind

The weather was much nicer for today’s bike to work. I also bumped into a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a very long time. The first few minutes of the ride I could immediately feel yesterday’s ride. That eased off the closer I got to work.

The ride home was a hard one though. A big head wind most of the way.

The only incident I has was on Old Esquimalt road. A car passed me with it’s right turn signal on. The light was green, and it is a short one. We were also on an uphill. Right after the car passed me I saw the lady shoulder check, then slow down and stop. She looked for me out the passenger window and seemed a little confused when I didn’t pass her. Enough people. Don’t pass a cyclist then stop and wait for them to pass you on the right. If it is too close and you may not safely get around the corner before the cyclist, then slow down and turn behind the cyclist.

I will not pass a car on the right when they do this.