Week Tube

Bike to Work Week is upon us again. I rode in today despite the horrible conditions. My shorts were soaked through by the time I hit Esquimalt ave. The closer I got to work, the less rain there was. By mid day the sun was out.

The ride to work was pretty easy despite the rain. I met up with Sox before going to the office to hand off something she forgot at home.

At the end of the day the weather was still looking decent. I got a call from my son who wanted me to ride in front of the car on the way home. Not sure what that was all about, but I agreed. I was going to meet up with them at Beet’s daycare, until I saw that I had a flat in my rear tire. Thankfully I had the tools and spare tube necessary to fix it. I found a bunch of glass shard embedded in the tire, and I had to scrape those out with some keys. I was on the way in no time.

The ride home was hard though. It was very windy with lots of strange cross winds. At one point I had a cliff and apartment building on my left and the wind was bouncing off those, directing me out into traffic. More riding planned for the week, but apparently the weather forecast is pretty crappy for the whole week.