Parade Swing

Saturday morning was the Buccaneer Day’s parade here in Esquimalt. We had all sorts of fun. We started off with a pancake breakfast at our house with some friends, then we all walked down to the parade route. The parade took a while to get to us, but we weren’t dissapointed. Pirates and booty abound in this parade. Aaarrrrr!

It’s a tight fit sometimes, but they managed to get through without hurting anyone.

Gotta keep hydrated with lots of grog.

Watch out for these guys though. They are good at stealing and plundering.

Watch where you cross or you may get accosted by this vicious biker gang!

The celebrities were out in full force.
Hudson Mack:

Piano guy:

The Mascot for the Salmon Kings, Marty the Marmot?

There were some fine pirate vessels as well.

What better way to end the parade time, than a swing at the park.