Busy Options

I had a busy morning. I took the car in to get some new tires installed. While that was happening I wandered down to All-Season and priced out some different bike racks for the CR-V. Lots of options, and I am close to making a decision now.

I then stopped at the mall looking for a metal rack to make a shelf in our freezer. When I got back to the car some kind samaritan had left a sticky note on the window saying the insurance had run out. Off to get that renewed, then pick up some contact lenses for Sue.

Back home I fixed up a toy of Beet’s, then some lunch. This afternoon, once Beet is up from her nap, I think we will head out to look at some outside drying racks for laundry (no clothesline at the new house).

Tonight we have some friends coming for dinner. A busy day, but quite enjoyable.