Cleanly Checking

Last night was our last double header. I was pretty stoked to get out and play both games, but as it turned out I could only stay for part of the first game.

I worked hard during that time though. There was a wind so we zoned quite a bit. Since I was giving it my all I was part of the cup. While cupping, I even felt like I knew what I was doing. :O

While handling I felt sharp, and my throws were pretty accurate. This is always a challenge in the wind. I also did a good job of breaking people checking me and getting passes off.

A weird call led to a point for our team that I didn’t feel good about. A pass to me was pretty low to the ground, but when I caught it, my fingers were a couple inches above the ground. I know I caught it cleanly. Someone on the opposite team called it down and we went back and forth a couple times. Everyone else was still running, the count was still going, and I had the disc. I was frazzled and confused when the most senior guy on the team who heard what was going on called for a pass. I passed it to him and he threw it for the score. When we were lining up I felt pretty crappy on how it went down. I should have either contested the call (and the disc would have went back to the thrower), or I should have tapped it in and kept playing. Thing was, my check was still counting, so in my mind the play was still going. Not my favorite point.

The opponent who called the disc down is an excellent player. Later in the game when I was checking him he had a fantastic catch. The disc was hucked to him in the endzone, and even though I managed to get to the right position at the right time, and gave the disc a healthy swat (couldn’t catch it), he still managed to snag it for the point.

Another point we decided to do a huck and zone. Once I saw who got the disc, I waited a couple seconds for the deep zone marker to meet up with me, then I broke for the end zone as the huck was made. I managed to outsprint my check, and handily caught it for a point.

Today I have a sore foot though. I bruised or strained something in my right foot so that when I put all my weight on it, it hurts a lot.

Next week is the last regular season game, then the final BBQ. I’m going to miss playing again.