Sideline Trying

Last Ulti game of the season. Kinda sad really.

The game itself was alright, though I don’t feel like I played all that well. I was running pretty hard and reading the disk pretty good. The only one play that stood out for me where I knew I played well was a sideline catch. The disc was way out of bounds, but I managed to keep a toe inside the tape, then catch the disc as I fell to the ground. I love catches like that.

Nearing the end of the game my catching went to pot. I couldn’t catch anything which was really bad since I was a handler, and I dropped more than 1 throw right on our end zone line. Talk about failure.

The final point was a little lame. Nobody was really trying and everyone was goofing around. The other team was trying to throw a hammer to win the game, and most of their throws were hail mary, get it close to the end zone and hope someone catches it, throws.

Eventually someone on the other team caught it and the game was done. I had lots of fun this season, and there was a recent email about fall league up at UVic. I have to decide if I want to keep playing, or wait until next summer again.