Speedway Flight

Back on July 25 sox and I were able to head out to Western Speedway to watch some racing. It was their Eve of Destruction event, and it was a lot of fun. Lots of hit to pass racing, and a few other events too.

The racing was pretty intense and for the bigger races there was always lots of action. At one point I looked up and saw a gorgeous sunset. I tried taking a few pictures, but I only had the little camera, and since it was getting dark, the shots never turned out. This was the best one, and it sort of shows a part of the sunset.

During the racing it started to rain. Not a light rain, but a pretty heavy rain. In the distance I saw lightning every once in a while. Still, the show went on and only a few people left early.

Once the main racing was over, it was on to the finale. This waas the crazy Canuck car jump, the bus jump, then the boat race.

The Crazy Canuck did a trial pass in the rain and was satisfied he could get up to speed safely. They set up the ramp and the catch cars, and when he went for it, his car actually twirled in the air, and he landed on the roof. I know this is bad for stunt drivers, but he was able to get out of the wreck and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Here is my video of the jump (~22MB). I think that the takeoff ramp slipped when the car hit it, which is why the car rotated in the air. After he landed the ramp was in pieces.

Next up was the bus jump. They set up a different ramp for him, then added a fifth wheel trailer for him to crash through. This year the bus jump went off without a hitch. Here is the video of the bus jump (~22MB). After the bus jump, they didn’t bother cleaning off the front straightaway.

The piece de resistance of the night was the boat race. A boat was chained to the demo cars, trucks, and vans that wanted to participate. The winner was the last driver with some boat left attached. From the green it was mayhem. Cars and boats sliding around all over the place. Slowly bu surely the boats were relieved of their cars, and the track was soon littered with debris. After about 12 laps a winner was declared. After the race had ended, one driver started pushing a wayward boat down the front straight, towards the bus jump ramp. At the last second he steered away from the ramp, and the boat took a small flight.

Such a fun night. I am looking forward to taking the kids in the next few years.