Municipal Tunnel

Yesterday felt like a busy, busy day. In the morning the whole fam was outside in the sun, and we got a bit of yardwork done. We trimmed back a couple shrubs, and hauled all the debris to the municipal yard. While I was trimming, Sprout was helping move some of the branches around with his dumptruck until he got tired of that, and then started running around the yard. Also, it wasn’t just me that took the yard waste to the yard, Sprout and I hauled it there. He loves to go for truck rides, so we do this once in a while.

After the work was done, he and I headed down to Macaulay Point Park. Sox and I had heard about some proposed changes to the park which would affect the off leash access there. We wanted to learn more. The tent they had set up was pretty loud, but I managed to convinve Sprout to let me read a few signs. I grabbed a couple comment forms, then he and I were off for a walk in the park. He wanted to run through the tunnel.

After the tunnel he had a play on the beach. It was lots of fun to watch him running around in the water and playing in the sand all by himself. By the time I decided it was time to go (it was close to lunch time and I was starving) his pants were soaked, and I had to pour the water out of his boots.

Once lunch was done we did some more things around the house including hanging a mirror in the master bedroom, something that has been on a to-do list for probably 10 months.

I love days that are lots of fun, yet feel like we got a lot accomplished.