Movember Important

Movember is done, and I still haven’t shaved. I have a couple job search related and Christmas party related functions to attend, and I really don’t like how I look clean shaven. I’ll keep what I have for a little while longer.

I’m pretty happy with the fact that I was able to raise $520 (my goal was $500). Surpassing that was good, but now I need to make a goal for next year. Speaking of next year. Next year I won’t have any supporting facial hair. I caught a lot of flack from Sox over that. She felt I was cheating. I don’t think the same way, but next year I will go for the Mo only.

This year I also managed to take a daily picture of my Mo progress. You can see the pics here.

All in all it was a fun month, and I managed to raise some funds for a very important cause.