Weekend Lights

What a weekend. Busy, busy.

Friday night we took the kids out to the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society to ride the Christmas train. It was a fun time, and both the kids enjoyed the train ride. After the train we headed to White Spot for dinner.

Saturday I went for a walk with the kids at Elk Lake while Sox and Yoshi went for a run. On the way home we stopped at Cannor and bought our Christmas tree.

Saturday night I then took the kids downtown to see the lighted truck parade while Sox got ready for her company Christmas party. The walk back to the car afterward was pretty hard since Elliot wanted to be carried part of the way. After I got home I quickly got ready while Sox put Amy to bed.

Today Sox took Elliot to a ginger bread house party, while Amy and I hung out at home. This afternoon Elliot helped me put up the Christmas lights outside.

Now that the kids are in bed I still have to set up the tree and string the lights on that so tomorrow night we can decorate it.