Lusting List

I’ve done a bit of window shopping as of late. I’m holding off on new purchases for a bit while I am looking for a job. That and I don’t like wasting money. Unfortunately lusting over items is hard. Very hard.

On boxing day I went into a Chapters and spied several books that I would love to read if I had the free cash and the free time.

Front End Drupal

Cracking Drupal

Regular Expression Cookbook

WPF In Action

Yesterday I was in Munro’s and spotted a couple more books that looked interesting:

From Camera to Computer

Googled: The End of the World as We Know It

Yesterday I was also in Lens and Shutter perusing.

I fell in love with the Gary Fong flash diffuser sets until I saw how big they were. Huge. I then looked at some other diffuser options. I ended up finding the diffuser I wanted at a reasonable price, but they didn’t have the one I needed for the Canon 430EX.

I also spied a wonderful new camera bag. The Crumpler $7 Million Home. Looks awesome, and I think it would hold my gear more comfortably than the current bag I have.

What’s the point of typing all this up? To remember for later. If when I have a job and I have some spare cash I still think I want these items, I now have it recorded what they were.