Arranged Return

Sox and I had a little vacation. After everything that happened at the end of March, Sox was going to surprise me with a two night stay at our favourite cabin at Point No Point. Unfortunately they were pretty booked up and we wouldn’t have been able to get in until September.

Instead, when we heard David Usher was coming to Vancouver, we booked a trip to Vancouver and arranged my Mom to watch the kids. The concert then got cancelled, but we chose to go anyway.

We headed over on Thursday afternoon. The ferry ride was interesting too since it was full of people heading over for an Iron Maiden concert. Great people watching on that boat. In Van we checked in at the Metropolitan and figured out what we wanted to do.

Thursday night we headed out for all you can eat sushi at Shabusen. It was a cool restaurant that also does Korean BBQ. You actually cook it yourself at your own table. Each table had a mini BBQ pit set into it. The sushi was good and we definitely ate our fill. After dinner we walked for a bit, then took in a movie (Iron Man 2).

Friday we had a quick bite of breakfast then wandered around doing some clothes shopping. Sox had more luck than I, but I still managed a few new pairs of shorts, and some shirts.

Lunch was some awesome panini’s at a coffee shop close to the hotel. An afternoon swim and then it was dinner. We walked down to Gastown and had dinner at Steamworks. We had the fish tacos appy that was amazing, and my burger was excellent. Lots of cheese, sauce, and toppings. We walked a little in Gastown then went back to the hotel Later in the evening we went down to the hotel restaurant for dessert. Wow, it was awesome.

Saturday we packed up and went down to Granville Island for breakfast and some more shopping. Then it was off to the ferry and a return home.

The great thing about going when we did was that today felt like a bonus day on the weekend. We had a weekend in Vancouver, but one more additional day before work was perfect.