Year Things

Today would have been Yoshi’s 12th birthday. Lots can change in a year.

I still think about Yoshi a lot, and I still miss him a lot. Some things really remind me of him. Simple things like the way a dog shakes his/her head, the sighs a dog makes, or even the excited noises a dog makes.

Yoshi was an excitable dog. Start throwing anything for him and he perked up and was happy. Stop throwing and he would get insistent and whiny. It bugged me at the time, but I miss it now.

I am looking forward to having another dog, but I do admit life this summer has been a lot easier not having a dog. There was no need to make arrangements when going away for the weekend, more room to pack with in the car, and the ability to get up and go was nice. Still, I long for that faithful companion. Soon, soon.