Explosion Composure

Walking down to the pool tonight I was tired, not feeling like swimming, and still tasting french fry and Bacon Explosion burps (reminder, don’t go to Pig BBQ the day I go swimming).

Still I perservered. I got in the water and swam. The first 100m felt horrible, and I was on the verge of cramping. I took a quick breather, regained my composure and steeled myself for doing 500m.

Strange thing was that the more I swam, the better I started to feel. I still didn’t do more than 100m without taking a break, but my breaks got shorter, I started feeling stronger, my cramp went away, my breathing evened out. I felt pretty good.

I stopped when I reached 750m. Pretty proud of that. As I finished I took a glance at the hot tub. Woohoo, it wasn’t jam packed. I soaked for a few minutes, showered up, then headed home.