Occupants Turning

People in Victoria are silly. We have a drawbridge downtown, and when it goes up, some of the traffic heading into our out of downtown can get backed up.

Friday was an example of this. Where I was stopped on Esquimalt Ave, I could see the bridge in its up position. There were quite a few cars waiting, but it wasn’t going to be long.

In my experience, if you get caught in the bridge traffic, it is better to sit and wait it out, rather than drive out to the Bay St bridge. Still, I see lots of people turning around and heading to the other bridge. I don’t get it.

Chill out. Turn off the car. Talk with the other occupants. Listen to the radio. Be patient.

On Friday I laughed at many of these impatient people. I saw one Mini Cooper pull a U turn in the middle of the road and head to the gas station next to me. Next thing I know he comes peeling out of there to cut in front of me. Weirdo. As the bridge was on its way down I saw at least three cars pull out of their spots in line and turn around, or head to Bay St. Simply meant I got to my destination a little quicker.

It would be handy if the blue bridge got its own twitter account though. Imagine receiving a tweet before you were about to head out and know the bridge was going to go up. You could conceivably save some time this way by choosing an alternate route, or just wait for the subsequent tweet saying the bridge was going down. I wonder if I could make that happen?