Groove Swim

Great swim tonight. I ate a good dinner, then helped get the kids ready for bed. As I walked down to the pool I was hoping the swim would feel good.

In the water, right from the first stroke I felt strong. I swam my first 200m without stopping. The only issue here was that I had to change lanes a couple times. The lady in the slower lane was really, really slow, and the guys in the fast lane were really, really fast. Once the lady left I stayed in the slower lane and got in the groove.

I then did another 200m sprint followed by a quick break. I ended with a 200m sprint, a very short break, then another 100m swim. I know I could have kept going, but I had a few things to do this evening, and I was still pretty proud of how I felt throughout the swim.

I really do need some new swim trunks though. The ones I have waistband elastic is shot, and the shorts are too big. I have to be careful how hard I push off the wall since I have felt them slip a little.

I skipped the hot tub tonight and had a nice shower instead.