Cardio Sloppy

Swimming. It’s been a while. I was going once a week, but that stopped over the Christmas break. Now that I am going to be part of the Tour de Victoria I am going to need to do lots of training. Swimming is going to be a part of my cardio training.

Tonight I made my return to the pool. I wasn’t sure what it was going to feel like, but I started off slow and picked up my pace throughout the swim. I would swim 100m then take a breather and a water break. Nearing the end of my swim I could feel tired, but I also noticed my swimming stroke got more and more sloppy, and I kept gulping in water. Yeuck. In total I swam 600m.

While I was swimming there was some water exercise class going on in the pool beside me. They finished up just before I did, which was a bummer. The class basically emptied into the hot tub, and I really didn’t feel like hanging out in a crowded hot tub. Off to the showers for me.