Learning Wrong

Ulti tonight was a blast. Lots of running, lots of learning. The mens league certainly is a lot more uptempo than summer league. There are also a lot more hucks, which I am fine with. In summer league, constantly hucking the disc is almost frowned upon since it rarely lends itself to a learning experience for newer players.

Our team is starting to gel a little with people picking up certain positions. I’m handling again, but sometimes swap off for a position in the stack. I still learn lots as a handler, mostly about position. I quite often set up in the wrong position, and by the time I realize it, my check and I are clogging things up, or there is no way I could get the disc. It will come back to me though.

I threw fairly well tonight and didn’t make many bad throws. I was catching well too, which for me is a better thing to have happen. When I catch poorly I tense up, which then causes me to throw poorly.

We have what seems like a pretty strong team. We have some tall guys, some speedy guys, and some guys who can throw really well. We had a few outstanding points where we moved the disc really well keeping the other team on their heels. We marched right up the field like that until we got close to the end zone. We set up in the stack and ended up scoring. Sweet!

Looking forward to more fun weeks of ulti.