Protecting Play

Last weeks Ulti was a double header, our third and last of the season. It was a great night for playing too. Hot, very, very hot. The games themselves were pretty good too. The teams we played were competitive, challenging, and yet we still won. Our team has really gelled and we are making plays, catching well, and defending quite well too.

I really feel like I am coming into my own as a handler too. I am very comfortable catching and throwing in any sorts of conditions. I still make mistakes like everyone else, but I don’t dwell on those.

One play there was a long bomb to me striking in the end zone. I broke away from my check and raced after it. Unfortunately the disc hung in the air right in the end zone and I got there too early and had to wait. I stopped right where the disc was coming down and could hear my check racing in after me. I boxed him out, protecting my space, and when the time was perfect he and I both jumped up for the disc. Luckily I came down with it. We both congratulated each other on a good play.

Another strike I had one of my team members tossed another long bomb on a set play. I was only about mid way down the field when I started breaking for the end zone. For a moment or two I had doubts I would be able to track it down, but I noticed I was gaining on the disc while it was still climbing. Sure enough I caught it for a point.

Both games were a lot of fun, but the only downside was that I missed out on beer. 🙁