Birth Ten

Elliot turned 10 yesterday?!


Where does the time go? I can remember the days leading up to his birth, playing cards while in the hospital. Nurses joking with us that they will have to work harder to get us to stop. Post birth we had early mornings where I would get him breakfast, and sometimes a chai for Sue. When his sister was born he was such a sweet older brother bring her all his prized possessions to share. He seemed so big on his first day of Kindergarten, yet now he would tower above his K size.

Being a parent is a hard job, but the hard parts fade over time and we are left with wonderful memories. The first ten years has been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for the next ten. Happy Birthday Elliot!

Aphro Funny

Aphro, Aphro, Aphro. You’re 11 now! Still as soft as ever, and more cuddly too. Since we moved to our current place you have become more kitten-like than I have ever seen in you. It’s pretty funny to watch you chase your tail.

I hope you had a good day!

Years Timid

Happy Birthday Heart. Today you turned 5 years old. Recently you also passed your first year with us. Amazing how quickly time flies.

I still think back to the day that Sue and I met Heart, and how timid she was. Heart has come a long way in that year.

Amazing Day

5 years ago my life changed in such a dramatic and amazing way. Today, 5 years ago, my son was born.

He seems so old now, and for some reason, I feel different as a parent. Parenting a 5 year old seems like a big change from parenting a 3 year old or 4 year old. I know that only a day has gone by, but still. It is different to me.