Daredevil Dude

This past Saturday I had a movie night at home. Sox was having a sleepout in the back yard with Sprout so I had the house to myself (mostly)

I broke out a DVD that I got for myself at Xmas. The movie was Daredevil.

I hadn’t held out any hope for the movie and was actually expecting it to be pretty lame. Shockingly I enjoyed it. I don’t know the comic storyline, but the movie plot was pretty good. They introduced the characters well enough for me to get who they were and what they did.

Ben Affleck actually did a good job in this role. I don’t see him as an action movie star, so I was anticipating a train wreck. Jennifer Garner played Elektra well, though the character didn’t get enough screen time. Colin Farrell played Bullseye really well. A very psychotic dude with lots of little idiosynchracies.

I was time well spent.

Theatre Starting

I was out way, way too late last night. The plan was to head to Spinnakers for dinner then get over to Silver City to see the 7:20 showing of Transformers 2. After eating an excellent dinner, we drove over to the theatre and quickly discovered that the show was sold out.

Bummer. I checked the movie board out and we reluctantly chose another movie to go see. I’d heard the Hangover was getting good reviews so we bought our tickets. It was a pretty funny movie actually. The three of us had lots of laughs, and I know that it was the kind of movie that is best seen in a big audience.

As we were leaving I glances at my watch and noticed that the late showing of Transformers was starting in 20 minutes. Hmm.

I made the suggestion that we stay and see it. Surprisingly everyone was into the idea. Yikes. The movie previews ended around 11 and the show itself was 2 hours 20 minutes. If you like action movies, and you liked the first Transformers movie, then you will like Transformers 2. Lots of fight scenes, lots of action, lots of robots, lots of excellent special effects, and lots of attractive scantily clad women.

I finally crawled into bed at around 1:40 am.