Freshly Pressed

audioslave album cover

Mmmm, I love the smell of a freshly printed CD. Today the CD of choice happens to be the newly released AudioSlave disc.

For a little background info, AudioSlave is comprised of the Rage Against The Machine drummer (Brad Wilk), basist (Tim Commerford), guitarist (Tom Morello), and Chris Cornell formerly of Soundgarden.

Quite simply this album is amazing. So many different sounds and tempos, yet there is an underlying sound that links everything together. It is hard fo rme to put into words, but the first time I listened to the entire album was such a treat. It almost gave me goosebumps. This album was everything I was hoping for, and then doubled! It seems like such a steal for only $15.

There are several songs that must be turned up to fully appreciate them. Then there are a few slower ones that just lull you to submission before beating you with the next song.

If you even remotely liked Soundgarden or Rage Against the Machine, I have two words for you. BUY IT!

Not later today, not tomorrow. Leave the computer, run to your nearest record store, slap down the cash, and prepare yourself.