This really cheeses me!

Big MacOne mailing list I am on covers interesting or weird news items. Todays email contained a jewel about how a lawsuit on behalf of some New York children that has been filed against McDonalds blaming McDonalds for their health problems and obesity.

How ??? What??? This is completely ridiculous.

First off, take some responsibility for your own actions or inactions. Eating at McDonalds every day can in no way be considered healthy. It is not their fault if you make the choices you do.

What would people say if an obese person walked into McDonalds, ordered lunch, and was refused based on the grounds they were obese? A new lawsuit would be entered claiming that McDonalds discriminates against fat people.

They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

Something about this story just got to me.


From Coffee Break

McDonald’s has asked a federal judge in New York to throw out
a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of New York kids who —
the suit claims — have suffered health problems such as
diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity from dining too
often beneath the Golden Arches. A lawyer for the plaintiffs
accused McDonald’s of being responsible for a national epidemic
of obesity among children, by serving up food high in fat,
sugar and cholesterol. One of the plaintiffs is a teenager from
the Bronx who said he ate at McDonald’s for every meal while
he lived at a homeless shelter for three years. Another plain-
tiff — a 13-year-old Staten Island boy who carries 278 pounds
on his 5-foot, 4-inch frame — said he eats at Mickey D’s three
or four times a week. A lawyer for the fast-food chain argued
that McDonald’s should not be held accountable for the health
problems of people who eat there, because people have known
for a long time what happens when they eat hamburgers and