It’s great to be back

Today I went for my first real ride in quite a while. It felt great. I have had some health issues that have forced me to sit on the sidelines since the end of October. I was finally cleared to resume my normal activities, so I did with style.

I met with Mark at the dump this morning to go for a spin at the dump. It was perfect. The fall air was a little crisp, and the ground was just a little damp. It made the dirt perfectly tacky, but the rocks seemed to be coated with a slick layer of algae. This is normal for this neck of the woods. This first couple wet rides of the season can be a little dicey while everyone learns to ride in the wet all lover again.

The coolest part of the ride was the fog though. For most of the ride, it was clear, but on one trail we got high enough to get into the fog. I just love how it feels on my face as I ride through, and how it hushes the sounds of the city. Spectacular.

I had digger and Yoshi with me, and we weren’t planning on doing any epic rides. The route we took was just perfect for what I wanted. I felt pretty strong all day. I certainly didn’t feel like I had been off my bike for a month. The dogs just loved it. They ran like there was no tomorrow. When Mark and I stopped for a rest, they continued to romp through the woods. Near the end of the ride they started to slow down. Hard to tell, but I could see subtle clues. As soon as I let them back in the truck, they layed down and fell asleep right away.

After the ride I stopped for a cup of coffee and an oversized, home made oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm, fantastic.

It’s great to be back. Later on this week I might be heading out for a night ride! I can’t wait.