From Wet to White to Wet

Saturday was my first day on Mt Washington this season. I was nervous on the way up to the mountain. I wasn’t nervous about my skills, but rather the weather. This season has been pretty crappy for Washington and the weather for Saturday was pretty iffy. Either it was going to snow lightly, or it was going to rain.

It rained. Not hard mind you, but just enough to make your legs wet while riding up the lift. It was also windy, and a cloud was settled on the upper portion of the mountain. This combination was pretty brutal at times. I always have to wear goggles becuase the wind bothers my eyes a lot. Well, with the wind, the rain, and the low visibility, the goggles just washed out any terrain features, and I couldn’t see a thing. I had to ride all day without them.

Amazingly enough, I still had a fun day. I hooked up with a friend of mine who was staying on the mountain, and I rode with him in the morning. We did a few park runs, a few tree runs, and a few easy runs. It all added up to a fun day.

After boarding all day I drove to my moms, ate some grub, then booted back to Victoria. It was a good trip. Let’s all hope the coastal mountains get more snow so that us snow enthusiasts can at least get a decent season.