I hate broken toys

my broken cell phoneLast night while walking to my truck, my cell phone rang. I went to answer by opening the flip part, but slipped, and it slammed shut again. I missed the call, but when I opened the phone to check the caller id, the screen was all messed up.

I thought:” Self, this doesn’t look right”. Text was all in weird areas. There were parts of boxes drawn in random places. It was messed up. So I did what every self respectin gadget guy would do. I power cycled the unit. When the power came back, the screen was still messed up. I did the next logical thing. I removed the battery. Now when I turned it on the screen was blank!

Hmm this is not good. The phone still “works” just fine, but the displays are completely blank. I can place and receive calls, and presumably do other stuff on the phone, but I can’t really see what I am doing.

So I jumped onto the internet looking for an LG service center near me. After jumping from Lg.ca to Lgservice.com to some Canada specific area of Lgservice.com, I found a listing for Service Centers. I typed in my postal code, and the first listing was Gwyn’s Cellular Service.

I dialed the number, and someone answered with “Hello”. I was dumbfounded. Most businesses answer with the business name even after hours. I asked if this was Gwyn’s Cellular Service. The guy answered that I was talking to Gwyn of Gwyn’s Cellular Service. OK, I thought, I just started asking my questions. At the end he asked where I got the number. I told him that I got it off the LG website. He mentioned something about that being interesting and that he will have to get that fixed.

Woops, I can only assume that I got his home number or something.

Oh well. I guess this means I will be heading down there today to hand off my phone to be sent away to get fixed.