psychotic cat

psycho cat lookin cute
so, I was sitting at the computer last night, working on some website ASP. Yoshi is laying on the floor beside me, kind of watching to make sure I don’t make any mistakes.

Aphro saunters into the room, sneers at Yoshi, then walks over to the side of my chair. she sits, looks up at me, then meows softly. awwwww, I think to myself. I sit back, make a small motion, and she jumps into my lap. I pet her a bit, and she start purring nicely. she sits on my lap with her front paws on the arm of the chair, overlooking Yoshi (to my left), and gloats to him that she is up on my lap, and not on the cold, hard carpet. she then turns around on my lap and faces towards the wall. she curls up, closes her eyes, and purrs to herself.

I get back to my coding, and enjoy the nicely fuzzy cat on my lap feeling.

all of a sudden a couple minutes later, she quickly levitates out of my lap, bounces off my chest, flies onto the desk (all the while hissing), bounces off a stack of papers, towards the wall, pushes off the wall, then bolts out of the computer room past Yoshi, into our bedroom.

my reaction: “what the fuck was that?” Yoshi and I look at each other wondering what the hell that was all about. I look down, and see a tiny scratch on my arm, and that is it. I was confused for a couple minutes over that one. she is a weird one.

then later last night I crawl into bed and she jumps onto the bed and is sitting beside me. she starts kneading the bed with her front paws, so to me she is rocking side to side. I move my hand over (under the covers), and she start to chase the moving finger around (very cute). as soon as I stop, she goes back to kneading the bed. eventually she curled up and went to sleep.