A Dragon Bones Bug Vacation

This week Sue and I have had some visitors. Sue’s brother, his wife, and their son have been in Victoria since Sunday. Cary, has been attending some courses in Duncan, while Geoff and Alexander have been vacationing. Sue and I took Monday and Tuesday off to spend some time with them, and let me tell you, they were a couple of jam packed days!

alexander with a millipedeMonday we went to the bug zoo. I love the bug zoo. There is lots of information about exotic bugs. They house a bunch of different species, and will even let you handle some of them. They have a large leaf cutter ant’s nest, millipedes, scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, and many more. I held a bunch of bugs including a scorpion, and the millipede. Most of them are incredibly light, and never really felt them until the guide removed them (most have sticky feet). Lots of fun. Check out the pictures I took in there.

Monday afternoon the four of us went out to All Fun Recreation Park. We played a round of minigolf, then Geoff and Alexander went watersliding for a couple hours. Sue went for a run, and I biked home. Although it was scorchingly hot that day, I quite enjoyed the ride home.

Tuesday we got up, went for breakfast at John’s Place, a well know, and excellent restaurant in the heart of downtown. Breakfast was good, and the service was outstanding (it can sometimes be spotty there).

rowwwwrAfter breaky we made our way to the Royal BC Museum to see the Dragon Bones exhibit. Totally cool! Most of the skeletons were not real fossils. The real deal are so heavy that the floor of the museum would never have been able to hold them up. There were lots of different dinosaurs depicted in a variety of poses. They even had one gentleman working on extracting a real fossil!fossil extraction There were a few fossils from local areas (even some up Island), but for the most part they were depictions of fossils originally found in China (including the Szechunasaurus Smiling ). I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit, but desperately wished I had brought my tripod. Lots of my shots are a little blurry, but looked great on my camera’s LCD. The rest of the pictures are here.

We then did a quick tour through part of the normal museum exhibits. We also did the Open Ocean Adventure. Lots of fun. The pics are here.

Today I am at work, with Yoshi, wanting to be on vacation still. Isn’t that always the way?