Indestructable Circles

who's ball is it?
Krista got Yoshi a toy for his birthday. Last night was our first opportunity to use his brand spankin new Jawz ball. We have had a Chuck It for a long time, but Yoshi would destroy the tennis ball in just a few throws. He would still want to play, but throwing a no-longer-round tennis ball is difficult.

This new ball is all but indestructable, fits in the Chuck It, and floats. It is a wonder ball. Oh, and for anyone who has a dog who loves to retrieve, you simply must get a Chuck It.

Anyway, back to last night. Yoshi and I got to the field, he was all prepared for running his butt off. I started off with a short throw, and he scampered off after it. He dropped it halfway back like he normally does. I picked it up, and gave it another short throw, with the same result.

Now, by this point Yoshi was getting pretty insistent and whiney. I picked up the wonder ball, and gave it a good throw down the field (about 3/4 the length of a soccer field). Yoshi goes tearing off after it, he slides to a stop on top of it, grabs it, the spits it out and comes running back to me. That stinker left it at the other end of the field! :O

With Yoshi walking circles around me I walked down to pick it up and threw it again (not quite as long). He ran to it, picked it up, spit it out, and came back to me. :O

I couldn’t believe it. I figured that he must not think it is his ball since it would have felt a lot different than a tennis ball (what he is used to). I walked to it again, but this time I picked it up with my hand and tossed it to him (about 5 feet). He grabbed it, ran at me and dropped it. I repeated a couple times until he realized this strange rubber ball was his.

After that I was able to use the Chuck It with the Jawz and give his a really good run! He was pretty happy last night.