Tuckered Americano

good doggy?
Yoshi and I went for a grand walk today. After stopping at Starbucks for a loverly Americano, we headed to Elk Lake park for a field walk. It was slighlty cool out so the Americano kept me perfectly warm. As soon as we got there Yoshi was revved up and ready to go. As soon as I opened the truck door he exploded out onto the field. We started the walk with Boomer the 11 month old Doberman Pinscher. He was a cutie, and you could definitely tell he was young. He weighed over 70 lbs though! The other dog in our small group was a greyhound. Wow, I thought Yoshi was fast, but compared to the greyhound, he seem average.

We parted out ways with the other two dogs and walked a long way. Two people and their dogs caught up to us, and we all stopped and talked for a long time as the three dogs played. Again, one was a pup, and the other was a large dog named Timber. Their respective owners were pretty nice and we swapped lots of funny dog stories.