Rainbow Debris

crazy I tell ya!
What a crazy day yesterday! Holy smokes. I got up early and met up with Todd and Lisa. We headed over to the Dallas Road near Ross Bay Cemetary to cheer on some friends that were in the Royal Victoria Marathon. Congratulations to Laurie and Jeanette for completing the half marathon, and big congrats to Duncan for completing the full marathon! That is awesome you guys.

Around lunch time I bundled up, grabbed some gear, got Yoshi in the truck and headed up to Nanaimo for Thanksgiving dinner number 1. It was an eventful drive on the way up. It was raining and windy the whole way, but the cooles thing was driving through the ends of a rainbow. Twice! Yep, before this one corner, the rainbow ended right on the highway, and right after the corner was another end of a rainbow. It was pretty cool!

Just south of Ladysmith there was a three car accident that had occurred just a couple minutes before I got there. The people were out of their cars and walking about, there was debris all over the highway, two cars were off the side of the road, but one car that was prety badly mangled, was resting in the left lane against the median. One person was out directing traffic, so there was a real slow down right there. I have always hated rubber neckers, and sure enough I was stuck behind a real bad one. The older guy in the buick in front of me slowed down appropriately, but then started gawking at the wreck. He started slowing down even more! I was watching what he was doing, and I couldn’t belive it. He was being pretty dangerous. I honked at him a couple times to hopefully get his eyes back on the road. Like I sai, there was debris on the road, but there was also people walking alongside the highway. He absolutely needed his eyes on the road. :grr:

After that the rest of the drive was clear sailing. Dinner with my mom and sister was excellent, and Yoshi had a good time too. My original plan was to stay the night and head back to Victoria on Monday, but I ended up coming home last night. I am happy to say that nothing stupid happened on the drive back.