Oscur Watur

Weee! This iz my furst post heer. Greg wasnt looking so I made me account.

Twoday wuz fun. I got to plaa with Oscur at the beech. It wuz a new beech though. Greg called it Albrt Hed. It smelld different from my beech so I mayd sure all the dawgs new I wuz there.

Oscur and I ran lotz and swam in the watur lotz. I run into the watur very fast, but Oscur wuz slow geting in. He swim good for a yung dawg.

I got cold from swimming and Greg wudnt let me swim ane mor. We ran lotz more. We had to leav and I still wantd to run. No fare! I slept well on the wey home thou.

It was reel fun!