Zipped Information

my first SLR
I found out before yesterdays ride that there was a Camera Swap N Shop running until 3:30. After the ride I zipped home, got cleaned up and headed over to see what was left. While driving over I glanced at my watch and it read 3:30. My heart skipped a beat until I realized I hadn’t set it back yet! :O

As you may have guessed by the above pic, I bought a new camera!

It is a Yashica FX-103, and it came with the original manual. I am going to print out a new one and keep the original in a safe place.

I am pretty stoked about the camera. I got it for a great deal, but it only makes me wonder if the camera is fully functional. Walking in to the Swap N Shop, I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but I got talking to the guy, and this sounds like a good camera. When I got home I searched the net for more information on it, and I found some people selling it for $200 CDN. I got it for half that, so that further fuels my paranoia about it not working properly. I am going to buy some film today, burn off a roll tonight, and get that developed to see if it works. Cross your fingers for me. :cross: