Biodegradable Leeches

rotting corpses

Leeches! They are all leeches!

Yesterday, after riding, I worked in the yard raking leaves. I only got the backyard done, but my truck was stuffed. I still have the front yard to do, but there are a lot less leaves there.

I decided that I would get rid of these leaves before raking the rest of them, so today at lunch I headed over to the recycling yard nearby.

What a pain in the ass it is to get rid of a compostable material. Budget Steele wanted something like $50 a tonne, with a $10 minimum. :wtf:

I have a load of leaves that would cost me $10 to get rid of. Plus I have more leaves at home, which would also cost $10 to get rid of. Uhh, no thanks. I will wait. When I got back to work I started calling around. To use the Saanich yard, you must live in Saanich (makes sense). Hartland landfill has a $5 min, but they are a ways away. A friend offered to let me dump them in his yard where a Saanich truck will come and suck them up.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of leaves? I would have thought that since they are biodegradable they would be extremely easy to get rid of. Makes me want to doa run to Oak Bay in the middle of the night and dump them on a side street.