Energy Spotting

it is all in the details

This morning myself. Sue, Yoshi and Mark all met at the dump for a ride. Another awesome fall day. The sun was out, the temp was perfect, and lots of fun was had.

Yoshi was so full of energy. I am not sure what was up with him, but he was totally “into” sticks today. Not for retrieving either. He just wanted to carry them around, and chew on them! He is weird sometimes.

Back to the ride. It was a fun, relaxed ride for me. I think Mark and Sue pushed themselves a bit. Sue rode a couple rock faces that she was a little nervous of at first. She hesitated a little, but with me spotting, she gave them a go. In the end there was nothing for her to worry about. She did great!

For the last trail that took us back to the vehicles, Sue wanted to try my bike, so we swapped. Sue on my bike with the seat waaay down, and me on Sue’s bike, with the seat too far down. 🙂 It was comical for me. Her bike needs a little work. There is something loose that makes a scary noise. It make the rider feel as if something is about to fall apart.

When I caught back up, Sue had a huge grin. She had a blast on my bike, and felt really comfortable on it, even if it was a little big on her. She thought my bike was really comfortable, and confidence inspiring. Something about not getting the feeling like the bike was about to fall apart! I think the setup also put her centre of gravity higher, so she didn’t feel like she was going to crash. For her it was a great test ride.