Mazda Aisle

bold move by a stupid person

Last night while on the way over to Duncan’s place for some pool and trivia, I decided to stop at Tillicum Mall for a Starbucks Americano. As I was pulling up, I noticed some people getting in to their car. It was a primo parking spot, so I waited. I was not in the aisle, but I could see over the cars in the aisle and noone else was waiting. As the people in the car were getting settled, some dude in a yellow Mazda pulls up and begins waiting as well.

I knew he was thinking that he scored a wicked spot, but I was there first. I saw him turn down the aisle from the far end _while_ I was waiting. The people started backing out, and fortunately they backed out blocking Mazda dude. I zipped in there knowing he was going to be pissed, but confident that I was there first.

Sure enough the guy waited for me to get out of my truck to say something to me. He accused me of stealing his spot. He wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, when I told him I was waiting longer than he, and that I was waiting for it before he even turned down the aisle. I said sorry that he didn’t see me, but I was there first. I walked off and waved to him.

After the fact I thought that what I really should have said was “Merry Christmas” and smiled at him. I understand where he was coming from, but he really pissed me off. :grr: For that I revoke the guys licence. He was an :shit: to me, so I was to him. He deserved it.

This time of year people have less patience with one another, and to me it feels like it has all started too early. This is the time of year to be kind to one another and to be filled with holiday cheer. It is not the time of year to be surly, rude, and antagonistic. Why don’t people get it?