Reconstructed Life

I don't want to sit there

Monday I dropped my truck off at Tommy’s Auto Upholstery here in Victoria, BC. I was getting the drivers seat fixed, and the front passenger side seatbelt replaced.

Under the seat there are three springs that keep tension in the seat. One end of the spring is hooked over a metal rod, the other through a hole in a piece of stamped metal. Two of the springs ripped out of the stamped metal causing the bottom of the seat to sag (quite a bit as it turned out). Also the foam of the seat needed to be reconstructed because it had all collapsed.

When I picked it up, I wasn’t sure what the seat would feel like. As soon as I sat down I knew the money was well spent. Instantly my butt felt more comfortable. I have also gained at least two inches in seat height! I have a whole new view of the road! I am still adjusting to the new seat though. I had to reposition the mirrors, and I can’t quite decide if I need to reposition the steering wheel or not. I also had to lean my seat back one more notch. Enough boring details of my life.

I will now be a lot more comfortable when heading out to places to get my laces muddy. Which reminds me, I need to add my next photo shoot to the list of events.