Samosa Firecrackers


Tidbits from the first half of the week.

Somehow I lost my favorite MEC vest. I am so ticked off! :grr:

Yesterday was my latest blood donation. It was insanely busy there. Turned out that the Sikh Community had chosen yesterday for a large turnout. They had a tent setup outside with warm food for donors. After I donated I was offered a samosa. I turned it down in favor of cookies and juice.

Since a week before Halloween Yoshi has been afraid to go into the backyard while it is dark. We think it must have something to do with him getting scared from firecrackers. We used to have to take him out into the front yard and wait while he pees, but last night was the first night he ventures back out into the dark yard. 🙂

I had a good scare at work today. I plugged my Visor in to sync it, but as soon as I plugged it in, my computer reset itself (that happens every once in a while). Everything seemed fine at startup, but when I started Eudora, it complained that two folders were missing. These were container folders that housed mailboxes. Specifically the one housing my work and project related email was missing. I didn’t know what the other one was. After a couple frantic moments, I discovered that they had reappeared. A restart of Eudora and everything was hunky dorey. Scarey for a few moments though.